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Plains Law will always be ready to represent you any time you need a workers comp lawyer in Casper, Sheridan, Buffalo, Gillette, Sundance, or Worland, Wyoming. Our attorneys, Kenneth DeCock and Erin Mercer, bring over a quarter of a century of combined legal experience to the table, and workers compensation cases are an area of expertise for the firm. If you have been injured on the job, you will have a lot on your mind. Your energy should be completely focused on the healing process, but that can be quite difficult when you have financial concerns. This is where we can enter the picture to handle your workers compensation case on the legal side.

Do You Really Need a Workers Comp Attorney?

As a layperson, you probably don’t have a lot of knowledge about the laws governing workers compensation claims, and this is understandable. If you are injured at work, and you let the company guide you through the steps that you should take, can you be sure that they have your best interests at heart? Even if your employers are fair minded, you will probably be communicating with their workers compensation insurance company, and insurance companies exist to make profits. It is difficult for an injured worker to deal with these savvy professionals, and this is where we can spring into action to act on your behalf. We have the experience and the expertise to work with the other side to get you the compensation that you are entitled to under the law

We Are Here to Help!

Plains Law specializes in workers compensation cases for a very good reason. We understand the fact that people in our area work hard to support their families, and a loss of income can have a devastating impact. As workers comp attorneys, we have the ability to make a positive difference during trying times, and this is a gratifying path to take as a legal professional. You will receive very aggressive advocacy if you choose to work with Plains Law, and we will make sure that get exactly what you deserve. If you would like to discuss a Casper, Buffalo, Gillette, Sheridan, Sundance, or Worland, WY workers compensation case with us, we can be reached by phone at 1-307-675-1221.

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