Erin E. Mercer, Esq.

Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Erin received her law degree from the University of Wyoming in 2001.  Prior to becoming a Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Erin Mercer spent numerous years working as a nurse and as head of the workers’ compensation division for a large Colorado corporation. Erin has an extensive knowledge of work related injuries and the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation system.

As an attorney, Erin has practiced in criminal law, family law and workers’ compensation.  Erin was a deputy county attorney in Gillette, Campbell County, Wyoming before opening Plains Law Offices, LLP with her husband, Kenneth DeCock, in 2004.  Erin was appointed to the Wyoming Legislature in 2005, and served in that capacity for five years.

Erin offers free initial consultations, which will allow you to determine for yourself if she is the right attorney for your situation.

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