Wyoming Workers’ Compensation is also referred to as Workers Comp

In Wyoming, workers compensation is a no-fault government run program designed to provide medical and financial assistance to injured workers. Suffering a work-related injury is hard on individuals and families. Workers’ compensation benefits are not a true substitute for working as they cover only a percentage of lost wages. Being denied workers comp benefits can result in prolonged infirmity or financial ruin.

If you have received a Final Determination regarding an Impairment Rating from the Division, this document will inform you of the rating you received and the benefits you are entitle to. You will also receive a form asking if you wish for a second opinion. We always recommend requesting a second opinion as workers’ compensation will accept whichever rate is highest.

Shortly after receiving notice of your impairment rating you will also receive a letter stating that your TTD (temporary total disability) benefits have been terminated. If you do not believe you are at MMI or Maximum Medical Improvement, you must disagree with this Final Determination and request a hearing.

Wyoming workers’ compensation can be a confusing and intimidating process. If you have questions that your caseworker cannot answer to your satisfaction, you should consult with a workers’ compensation attorney at Plains Law Offices, LLP.