Wyoming Divorce Laws: An Overview


Your wedding day is one of the most long-awaited days of your life, and it is hard to imagine the flame ever dying out on that memorable occasion. Unfortunately, people change over the years, and in many cases, that magical connection may start to disintegrate on one level or another. Many couples will separate for a while if the waters start to get rough, but in some cases, the differences simply cannot be reconciled. If you and your spouse have decided that the only option is to go your separate ways, a divorce will be the logical next step. It is wise to enter into the process with the necessary knowledge under your belt, and Casper, Wyoming divorce lawyers like the counselors that work for our firm can help to facilitate a smooth transition into single life. Let’s take a look at the Wyoming divorce laws from an overview so you have some idea of what to expect.


Wyoming No Fault Divorce Laws


There does not necessarily have to be a lot of angry finger-pointing during a divorce proceeding in the state of Wyoming. The Cowboy State is one of the states in the union that has a no fault divorce law. Neither party is required to prove that the other party has done anything wrong to get a divorce. However, the circumstances that surround the divorce can come into play when the court is determining the appropriate distribution of property, and the details can also be weighed if alimony is being requested. Wyoming is an equitable division state, and this means that each respective partner can manage his or her own private property during the marriage. However, this arrangement does not necessarily hold sway during a divorce proceeding. The judge will make a determination with regard to the final division of property based on his or her best judgment given the circumstances.


When it comes to child custody, the court will make a determination that is in the best interests of the child or children. Joint custody is a possibility if both parents are fully ready, willing, and able to take responsibility, and visitation rights will typically be granted if one parent is awarded sole custody. In many cases, the parents in question will reach an amenable agreement between themselves and present it to the court. Child support will also be ordered during the divorce process, the amount of which will be calculated through the application of a predetermined formula.


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