What Can a Gillette, WY DUI Lawyer Do for Me?

If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Gillette, Wyoming, you may wonder why you need a DUI lawyer. After all, the blood alcohol test came back above the limit, and you have no problem believing that you were intoxicated. Plus, you may be under the assumption that a DUI lawyer will cost you a great deal of money. As we all know, there are significant expenses that go along with a drunk driving conviction. These would include a fine, alcohol education costs, and increased motor vehicle insurance premiums.  Legal expenses can just add to the misery.

In fact, there are some very good reasons why you should retain a DUI lawyer to represent you. First of all, even if you think that the case against you is a slam dunk, you may not understand all of the nuances. If you sit down and explain the circumstances of the arrest with a DUI lawyer, your attorney may identify some cracks that could be exploited to your benefit. Our DUI lawyer, Kenneth DeCock, was a law enforcement officer and a prosecutor before he became a defense lawyer, so he is uniquely qualified to examine your case on this level.

Plus, if you had a very high blood alcohol content, or if you caused an accident or acted in an uncooperative manner when you were interacting with the police, there can be variable outcomes. Under serious circumstances like these, you should certainly have a DUI lawyer by your side to advocate your interests. With the proper representation, you can potentially mitigate the legal damage. On the other hand, if you choose to go it alone, you may face maximum penalties across the board.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Future!

A driving under the influence arrest is a serious matter, and you should certainly do everything possible to show the court that you understand the gravity of the situation. When you retain legal representation, you are making a statement as a responsible citizen, and it will be recognized. We serve clients in Buffalo, Gillette, and Sheridan, Wyoming, and you can reach our office by phone at 307-675-1221 if you would ever like to speak to a licensed DUI lawyer about a pending case.