If you are ever arrested on any type of criminal offense, you are in a life-changing situation, and it should be taken very seriously. You should never go forward without the assistance of a licensed criminal defense attorney so that you have the appropriate representation. A failure to obtain legal counsel in a timely manner can result in missteps that can have lifelong negative consequences. Under these circumstances, you are really not in a position to take any chances, and any investment that you make into your legal defense will pay extraordinary dividends.

Your criminal defense attorney can help you in many different ways. The advocacy can remove the sense of lonely isolation that you may feel, and this is one emotional benefit. Plus, you can speak freely with your attorney because of the attorney-client privilege, and this can be a relief. A criminal defense attorney in Casper or Gillette, Wyoming will have a solid understanding of local laws and penalties, so you will receive answers to your questions and get a good idea of what you can expect. Advocacy will be there for you if your case goes to trial, but your attorney may be able to arrange a plea bargain that can provide a suitable outcome for you.

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Gillette or Casper, Wyoming, our firm would be more than glad to assist you. There were only two criminal defense attorneys in the state that made the list of the “Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorneys” in the United States in 2015. Kenneth DeCock of Plains Law was one of them, and he was also on the list in 2016. This roster was compiled by The National Trial Lawyers, and the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys named Kenneth as a top ten lawyer in the Cowboy State in 2015. When you are retaining a criminal defense attorney, it certainly can’t hurt if the counselor that is representing you understands exactly how the other side thinks. Attorney DeCock was a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Gillette, WY before he established Plains Law along with his wife, Attorney Erin Mercer.

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