How to Choose the Right Lawyer For Your DUI Case.

With our previous article on drunk driving during the holidays, I felt it is important for me to provide you more information in regards to DUI’s and the process of hiring a the right lawyer. As I’ve mentioned, it is crucial to be well-informed so that you can work towards improving the already drastic situation. Before the process of hiring a lawyer, let’s take a look at what you will be facing with a DUI charge.

One of the most dangerous things in getting a DUI charge is underestimating the gravity of the situation. While a first-offender, in fact, may be successful in getting a less severe penalty, the assistance of a DUI Lawyer is a must-have in these cases.

Here are some reasons why you should not underestimate the importance of a good DUI Lawyer:

  • A DUI charge can get you a significant jail sentence, keeping you from the loved ones that you have been celebrating with;
  • You may have your driver’s license suspended, making your life way more complicated than it needs to be;
  • There’s a great chance you’ll end up with a hefty fine, as well as fees for alcohol courses and treatment.

Facing such serious legal consequences, hiring a DUI Lawyer to conduct your defense should be seen as an investment, rather than an unnecessary expense.

Why the assistance of a DUI Lawyer is your best option

When facing serious charges, it’s important to seek for competent, experienced assistance. While it’s fair to say that a good Criminal Lawyer may provide you some solid defense, only a lawyer with experience in DUI cases will be able to work as the best defense attorney for your case.

You have to consider that DUI penalties are highly specific and centralized depending on which state you have been charged in. Being charged in Wyoming, you will need to look for the best defense attorney in Wyoming. Attorneys licensed in Wyoming are only able to practice within the state, therefore your chosen attorney will have a great amount of knowledge on the state laws and penalties. When you change your focus from seeking a criminal attorney to seeking a DUI lawyer, you will get yourself a professional that:

  • Has solid knowledge of traffic and motor vehicle laws;
  • Knows how breathalyzers, chemical testing procedures and blood tests works;
  • Can build a solid procedural defense specific to a DUI case.

In addition to seeking a highly recognized DUI lawyer, you will want someone that is responsive and understands your specific needs.

What to consider in a DUI Lawyer

If you never needed the assistance of a lawyer before (especially a criminal lawyer), you may find it difficult to choose a the lawyer that you would like to work with. It’s normal to get anxious and wonder, “Is this the best defense attorney for me? Will I pay this substantial amount of money and actually get results?”

First of all, it’s important to highlight that even the best criminal attorney can’t assure any of his clients that he will deliver a non-guilty sentence. Sometimes, this may be inevitable. However, a defense lawyer can work towards getting you a reduced sentence, even when you plead guilty. A great DUI attorney will build a solid and viable defense, crafted with his:

  • Theoretical law knowledge;
  • Practical experience due to years of activity;
  • Great rhetoric.

One thing you should clarify with your appointed defense attorney (especially if you’re looking into a firm) is whether the chosen lawyer will effectively conduct most of the case.

How can a DUI Lawyer help your case

When choosing your DUI attorney in Wyoming, it may be useful to discuss his strategy. Will the appointed defense lawyer:

  • Reduce or eliminate jail time?
  • Reduce the DUI charge to a lesser offense?
  • Avoid trial by pleading guilty?

There are a number of possibilities, and it’s important for you to discuss it with the DUI attorney. While the defendant, generally, won’t want to plead guilty, the attorney’s advice must be taken into account. Always remember that the lawyer has experienced this before, with other clients, and he knows the best way to conclude the process.

Things you should ask your DUI attorney

You should never hire a criminal defense lawyer without solving all of your elementary questions first. Strategies, fees, all of your concerns regarding the process and the professional should be solved before you sign a contract.

The best defense lawyer will make you comfortable with discussing every aspect of the DUI charge, and you may find it useful to ask the attorney questions like this:

  • What are the fees, and how they’re calculated;
  • What’s the attorney’s previous experience, and how much DUI cases has he defended;
  • How much of the case the lawyer will effectively handle (especially if you’re dealing with a firm), etc.
  • What does the process look like after hiring the attorney?

After the delicate process of choosing a DUI Lawyer in Wyoming, you can sit back, relax for a bit and let your criminal defense attorney take command of your case. If you’ve chosen the right lawyer, then you will be in very good hands.

Disclaimer:As of this date, 12/19/15, all information within this article is accurate and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Readers should not rely on this information as it is possible for laws to change.