Family law in Wyoming basically deals with marriage, divorce, child custody, alimony, child support and property matters. Plain Law is a firm of attorneys who specialise in family law and they can help you in Buffalo WY, Casper WY, Gillette WY, or Worland WY.

Marriage is life changing event and so is divorce. When add child custody, support and alimony things can become charged and heated. You won’t normally seek the services of a lawyer when things are going well. It’s when things go into a tail spin – then the services of a lawyer can be invaluable. Divorce is often of those things; child custody and alimony are others.

A knowledge of the law is essential if want to win a case and get a favorable court ruling in family matter. A competent family law attorney has the knowledge and experience to present and fight your case in court of law. A good divorce lawyer will ensure you get the best possible result from the divorce hearing.

On a technical legal level, a divorce is the termination of a marriage contract with a resultant division of assets. Divorce often involves child custody, alimony and child support.  To file for divorce you need to specify ground for divorce. You also need to be a state resident for a specified period before you can file for divorce in the specific state. Assets will be divided on an equitable basis. When it comes to child custody there are specific things a court will consider. Joint custody arrangements are preferred, but the overriding factor will be the best interest of the child.

Alimony is another important aspect in a divorce case. Any spouse can request alimony provided the requesting souse is not in a better financial position than the other.

Rules and regulations are often written and contained in law. It is however up to the courts and judges to decide how these laws are interpreted and applied.