Don’t Act Until You Speak With a Casper, WY Criminal Attorney

As criminal attorneys serving Casper, Wyoming, we have a thorough understanding of the psychology that enters the picture when a local resident gets arrested. If you are not a career criminal who is used to the drill as they say, getting arrested is an extraordinarily traumatic experience. Of course, you are going to have a lot of adrenaline in the moment, and you may adopt a tough stance for your own self-preservation. However, under the surface, it is a scary situation to be placed in all of a sudden.

You may not think about the value of a criminal attorney at first, because you do not really see yourself as a criminal. Plus, in some cases, if you are totally cooperative, the police officers will treat you well, and you may feel comfortable speaking with them about the circumstances. It can seem as though they are on your side. In the big picture, law enforcement officials are on your side as long as you are not crossing any lines, but this is a different type of situation.

An effective way to look at the value of a criminal attorney is to jog your memory to think about all of the news stories that you have read throughout your life. When people who have considerable resources get into trouble with the law, do they tend to speak without legal representation?

Obviously, the answer is a resounding no. The first thing any savvy individual will do will be to refrain from speaking until a defense lawyer is on the scene. You should certainly take a page out of this playbook if you are ever arrested, and even if you are just being questioned as a person of interest, you should have legal counsel by your side.

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