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Family Law

Divorce and Child Custody issues are almost always very emotional and stressful. Divorce is a major, life-changing event. Fighting for the custody of children can be heart wrenching.

The attorneys at Plains Law Offices, LLP understand how physically and mentally trying these times can be. Their knowledge of the legal system can give you peace of mind that your legal rights are being protected and your goals aggressively pursued.

Child custody in Wyoming can be complicated. Wyoming does not favor shared custody and one parent will likely be awarded custody of the children. Presenting the best case possible is critical, and this requires knowledge and preparation that comes with experience.

When going through a divorce, either with or without children, you have assets that need protecting. Getting divorced is essentially terminating a contract and will result in the division of debts and assets. The professionals at Plains Law Offices, LLP will fight hard to ensure that your divorce leaves you in the best possible financial position.

Juvenile Law

Having your child accused of criminal conduct can be unnerving. Being accused of abusing or neglecting your child or children is frightening. Having your child or children removed from your home is terrifying.

Juvenile court is different from adult court. Properly defending yourself or your child while working through the legal system and the requirements of the court and department of family services can be complicated and daunting.
Having counsel throughout this process is critical to success.

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