violent crimes

Misdemeanor Assault & Battery

Assault is a failed attempted to cause bodily injury, such as a swing and a miss. Battery is causing injury to another through physical force or contact. In addition to jail time, people accused of battery may be required to pay large sums of restitution if convicted.

Aggravated Assault & Battery

Aggravated Assault and Battery has several definitions from causing or attempting to cause serious bodily injury, to attempting to threatening another with a drawn deadly weapon. Punishments for Aggravated Assault and Battery are severe and if you are convicted, you could be facing years in prison.

Self Defense

Self defense and defense of others are recognized defenses to assault, battery and aggravated assault. As long as you have a reasonble belief that the danger is real and imminent, self defense may be justified, and as long as deadly force is not involved, a person being attacked is not required to withdraw or flee the situation.

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