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drug crimesMurder is the most serious criminal charge a person can face. There are varying decrees of Murder charges from per-meditated, or First Degree Murder, to Negligent Homicide. If you are facing even the possibility of a murder charge, finding an experienced qualified attorney should be your highest priority. The attorney’s at Plains Law Offices, LLP understand the seriousness of the situation. We understand that every step has to be carefully calculated when you are facing a murder charge.

Act Quickly

A vigorous defense for a murder charge does not begin at arrest, it begins during the initial stages of the police investigation. Many people are reluctant to hire a defense attorney before they are charged, even if they are being investigated for a serious crime. They worry that retaining an attorney will make them “look guilty,” or are just concerned about the cost.

However, the benefits of retaining an attorney in the early stages of an investigation are immense. Most people are unfamiliar with the legal system, and being introduced to it through a murder investigation can result in mistakes that could haunt you for years.

Exercise Your Rights

Every American enjoys the the Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and Sixth Amendment right to counsel. You don’t have to talk to the police without your attorney present. If you are under investigation for Murder, remain silent and request your attorney.

The attorney’s at Plains Law Offices, LLP will protect you throughout the investigation by protecting your rights. We’ll will make sure you are only questioned in appropriate settings and in appropriate ways. Many people inadvertently incriminate themselves in spite of their innocence. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Strong Legal Representation

A police investigation may still result in your arrest and a murder charge. The attorney’s at Plains Law Offices, LLP will be with you throughout the legal process.* We will perform our own investigation, identifying and interviewing all potential witnesses. We will thoroughly examine all the state’s evidence and craft a compelling case on your behalf.

From the very beginning, we will be preparing to defend you at trial. However, many cases are settled before they go to trial. These plea negotiations come with tremendously high stakes and the prosecutors often seem to have all the leverage.

The attorney’s at Plains Law Offices, LLP are familiar with these negotiations. We know what to expect and how to negotiate firmly on your behalf.

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