If you have been accused of any type of crime, you are in a potentially life altering situation, and you need to do everything that you can to protect your future. A criminal offense attorney can make all the difference, and our doors will be open if you ever find yourself in need of legal representation. With the proper counsel by your side, the damage can be minimized. You can put the situation behind you, make the appropriate restitution if it is necessary, and move on with your life constructively.

Kenneth DeCock founded Plains Law Offices along with his wife, Erin Mercer, in 2004, so they have been practicing in Wyoming for a very long time. Clients benefit from this local criminal law experience, but there is another facet. Before he entered the legal profession a criminal defense attorney in Sheridan, Wyoming, Kenneth was a law enforcement officer for more than a decade, and he was a deputy prosecuting attorney before he opened the private practice. In 2011 he became the county and prosecuting attorney for Johnson County, and now he is back at Plains Law Offices. Since he has been part of the system in so many capacities, he is very well suited to represent clients who are facing criminal charges.

A DUI Charge Is a Criminal Offense

Plains Law can vigorously advocate your interests if you have been charged with any type of criminal offense, and in many cases the need for legal representation is quite apparent. However, far too many people assume that they don’t need a criminal defense attorney when they are arrested for driving under the influence. This is a major mistake. Some very serious penalties can be handed down, including, fines, a mandatory license suspension, compulsory assessment, education, and treatment, and jail time under some circumstances. If you are facing a second or third offense, the penalties can get very severe. Our firm can provide counsel if you are ever arrested for driving under the influence and we will do everything possible to minimize the impact of the charges.

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Kenneth DeCock of Plains Law has been names a “Top 100 Criminal Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers on multiple occasions, and he is standing by right now to advocate for you. If you need the services of a criminal lawyer in Casper, Buffalo, Gillette, Sheridan, Sundance, and Worland, WY, contact Plains Law Offices at 1-307-675-1221.