When you come to the conclusion that your marriage is over, there are some very sensitive matters that must be dealt with if you have children. You would do well to engage a Gillette or Casper, Wyoming child custody attorney if you are going to be going through this process. The complexity of the matter will depend in large part about the attitudes that the parents have toward one another. If the situation is amicable enough, the parents can sit down together to create a parenting plan that they can agree on for the benefit of all interested parties. A family law mediator can also be called upon if necessary to help the divorcing parents reach an agreement with regard to a parenting plan. Once the parenting plan is completed, the matter is not closed. The plan would be submitted to the court, and if is approved, it would become part of the divorce decree, and it would become a legally binding court order.

Different Types of Custody

One thing that you will learn about if you consult with a Casper or Gillette, Wyoming child custody attorney is the fact that there are different types of child custody. Many people are not aware of the fact that there is physical custody, and legal custody. The physical place of residence for the child or children would be physical custody, and legal custody is the ability of a parent to make legally binding decisions on behalf of the children. There is also sole custody, the situation that would exist if one parent had complete physical custody, and shared custody is also possible. Shared custody is rather self-explanatory, but it does not necessarily have to extend to both physical custody and legal custody. For example, the mother of a child may have sole physical custody, but the parents may have shared legal custody.

Court Determination

If the parents cannot come to an agreement with regard to a custody arrangement, the court will be forced to make a determination with the best interests of the child or children in mind. If one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the non-custodial parent would have the right to visitation unless there were extenuating circumstances.

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