When you think about the value of a divorce attorney, you probably envision an advocate who will help you get a favorable outcome during a contentious divorce. Without question, in many cases, this is the type of situation that a divorce lawyer will step into, and we address these situations frequently here at Plains Law.

At the same time, when a couple is getting a divorce, the situation and the emotions surrounding it can be very complicated. In a lot of instances, the people involved want to be fair to one another, but they have raw emotions, and it is hard for them to communicate in a balanced fashion.

If you are in this situation as a resident of Gillette, Wyoming, a divorce attorney can help to bridge the gap and communicate with the other party in an unemotional fashion. Of course, in many cases, both parties will have legal representation, and the attorneys can act as buffers that can diffuse potential difficulties that are the product of hard feelings rather than hard negotiations.

Ultimately, as agreements are reached, the parties will often soften toward one another as they recognize the fact that they are both trying to reach an agreement that they can feel good about going forward. This can be especially important when there are minor children involved. The divorcing parties are not going to be able to go their separate ways and never talk to one another again. Lingering acrimony can make things very difficult for all concerned.

In many cases, the details of the divorce settlement will dictate the dynamic of ongoing future interactions. Under certain circumstances, a divorce attorney can represent a client’s financial interests while simultaneously helping the client reach the emotional equilibrium and he or she wants to achieve. This is not to say that the role of a divorce attorney is that of an impartial arbitrator. Your divorce lawyer is your advocate, but establishing a civil relationship may be one of your objectives.

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